Current projects

  • 2014-2015 CCL together with the VMU Faculty of Informatics and Kaunas Technological University is implementing the project "Automatic extraction of style applied to individual authors and groups of authors" (project manager J. Kapociute-Dzikiene). One of the goals of the project is to compile the corpus of authorship attribution. The corpus consists of transriptions of parliamentary debates of Lithuanian Seimas: Amzius.7z, IndividualusAutoriai.7z, Lytis.7z, PolitPoziuris.7z

  • 2012.05.09 - started the implementation of the project "Syntactic and Semantic Analysis System of the Lithuanian Language for Corpus, Internet, and Public Sector" which is financed according to the third priority (Information Society for All) of the Econimic Growth Operational Programme.